Lost Heroes

Get into the dungeon and face the necromancer!

Lost Heroes is a platform-puzzler developed and/or published by FoXSkr which happens in a medieval fantasy world that has some inspiration in the classic oldie The Lost Vikings, which is reflected in its retro style and mechanics.

Its an online game made in order to be played on browsers (HTML5) that puts the player on a mission to control over 3 heroes with unique characters to interact with the world and escape from each level.

Get them into the dungeon and face the necromancer that enslaved an entire village, turning the folks into undead creatures that joined the ranks of his macabre army!

You can get the game here!



  • Each character of this game has unique traits and stats.
  • Interact with the characters to lead all of them to the exit.
  • Use the arrow keys to move left and right.
  • The space bar is used to jump.
  • To change character, press TAB.
  • Press left CTRL to attack.
  • The K key makes the knight work as a platform.
  • This game should also be playable with a gamepad.

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