You play as a small character who can create platforms under your feet.

The retro puzzle and platform game Yashik is free for Windows, 100% free to keep, in a limited time Indiegala’s offer. Go get it! Yashik can normally cost US$4.99!.

Yashik is a puzzle game with a retro style and independent and casual pixel art graphics where you create platforms to reach cards that open the exit doors of each stage. It was developed by KGourmet and launched on December 4, 2017.

Published by NedoStudio and available for Windows, Yashik has dozens of neutral reviews on Steam, at least so far.

You can get the game here!


About the game

Yashik – it’s very simple game with puzzles. You play as a small and peculiar character who needs to pass challenging puzzles as you try to get out of the room. Your task is to find the key card and open the door.

How to? You can create platforms under your feet. Platforms can move or throws up you. Use orange platform to jump across obstacles, yellow platform to move further, and green platform to avoid falling.

Some platforms are bouncy, some can move. But you only get a few. Use them wisely, player.


  • [F] Create a platform
  • [W] Jump
  • [A] Move left
  • [D] Move right
  • [R] Restart level

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