T R E M O R S (Rebirth)

New "Tremors" game based on the first 1990 movie!

T R E M O R S (Rebirth), or Tremors 2024, is a short, independent third-person survival horror adventure based on the horror franchise Tremors. It was developed by Stefano Cagnani (Steven Games Studio) and initially released on May 23, 2024.

Published by Stefano Cagnani himself and made available for Windows, T R E M O R S (Rebirth) is a free fangame that features a huge map full of things from the first film, including characters and a big arid city to explore. It is also a recreation from scratch of the first Trermors game by the same author.

You can download the game here!


About the game

This is my new “Tremors” game version, totally remade from zero! The map is huge and full of stuff from the first movie!

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