Building Rush 2

It's another perfect opportunity to earn money!

Building Rush 2 is a free SimCity-inspired game that mixes strategy, manager and simulation where the player is tasked to produce, sell and deliver the building materials to a new city that is being built.

This game was developed and/or published by Barbarian Games for browsers (HTML5), what means it’s online and can be played without the need to installation and stuff. It’s also a sequel to the excellent and addictive Building Rush.

You can play this game here!



  • Mouse – Controls everything
  • Number Keys – Quickly select plants: press 1 to select first plant, 2 to select second plant and so on.
  • Bronze medal gives you 100 points.
  • Silver give +50.
  • Gold +50 more.
  • Every $10 over the golden medal requirements will give you 1 upgrade point.
  • Build plants to produce and sell the building materials.
  • Earning medals and achievements will give you upgrade points.
  • Spend them to increase your productivity.
  • Replay levels to improve your result, and receive more upgrade points!
  • Follow the in-game instructions for further info.

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