Royal Offense

The dark times have come!

Developed and/or published by Elite Games for browsers (HTML5), Royal Offense is an online real time strategy game that takes place in a pixel art medieval fantasy world where you will face creatures such as zombies, skeletons and other undead abominations.

Don’t let the dark times come! Hire troops, call heroes, upgrade them and be ready to clear your lands! You will have 10 heroes, 21 upgrades, 15 missions, 12 enemies, 21 achievements and 3 difficulty settings.


You can get the game here!


Controls and instructions

  • Use the mouse to mouse control everything.
  • You can press A and D to scroll the battlefield left and right.
  • Q, W, E and other keys – Hotkeys to hire units.
  • Press the number keys in order to activate spells.
  • Check in-game tutorial for further instructions.

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