Building Rush

A new town is the perfect opportunity to earn money.

Building Rush is an time management simulation game inspired by SimCity where you control a cargo delivery company and needs to control this market of several areas of the town. It was developed by Barbarian Games and released for browsers (HTML5).

In this free to play game, you’ll will deploy plants and buy trucks to sell materials to the structures that are being built on a new city that is under construction. You need to figure out the best ways to do it on each level.

This nostalgic and addictive game has upgrades, achievements and even a sequel, Building Rush 2.

You can play the game online here!



  • Use the number keys to quickly select plants.
  • Press the space bar to pause game and open its menu.
  • Get the medals to earn upgrade points.
  • Bronze medal gives you 100 upgrade points.
  • Silver give +50.
  • Gold +50.
  • Every $10 over the golden medal requirements is worth ne more upgrade point.
  • Replay the levels to improve your result and get more upgrade points. That might be necessary to beat the later stages.

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