UnDUNE II: The Demaking of a Dynasty

A demake of the classic game DUNE II, re-created from scratch in PICO-8.

UnDUNE II: The Demaking of a Dynasty, or just UnDUNE II, is a retro, independent and complete recreation of Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty. It was developed by Paul Nicholas (Liquidream) and originally released on January 29, 2022.

Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry and online (for browsers), UnDUNE II is an incredible demake that brings with great fidelity and quality, adapting practically all the elements of the classic real-time strategy game from 1992, including the factions, maps, campaigns, units, music, gameplay, etc.

Despite the much more pixelated graphics than the originals and some missing sound effects and other aspects, there are improvements to the gameplay and interface were implemented in UnDUNE II that I found very welcome and don’t departure of the original’s characteristics. It’s also very light, free and takes up very little disk space.

You can get the game here!


About the game

UnDUNE II is a demake of the classic (and original) RTS game DUNE II, re-created from scratch in PICO-8.

A strategy-based resource management simulation, where three houses fight for control of the planet Dune – the land of sand and home of the spice.

This project started as a fun idea, that I expected to get done within a month or two. Well… almost 3 years later (working on & off, in my free time) – I’m happy to say that it is finally finished!


  • All 3 Factions (+Sardaukar)
  • All 3 Mentats (+Bene Gesserit)
  • All 9 Mission Levels (inc. anim map w/ intros)
  • Music + SFX remade for PICO-8 (by Gruber)
  • All 19 Building Types
  • All 21 Unit Types
  • All Palace Weapons
  • Capture Buildings (inc. Harvesters)
  • Sandworms
  • Multiple Terrain Types
  • Spice Blooms
  • Fog of War
  • Low/High-res Radar
  • Multiple AI Opponents
  • Auto-saving after each Level
  • Level End Stats (w/ Rankings)
  • Spanning 12 PICO-8 Carts
  • Mouse/KB/Gamepad/Mobile-Friendly
  • HOURS of gameplay!


If you’ve never played the original (or an old-school RTS) before, the basic principle of UnDUNE II is as follows.

Build up your base by …building! (just remember to put down concrete slab foundations before placing your buildings, to avoid damage).

Wind Traps generate electricity to power your buildings. Refinery’s take raw Spice (mined by Harvesters), which are converted into credits, to allow you to build more! Take your units and explore your new terrain.

But watch out, as you are not alone. There are two other foreign factions that will fight you for control of Dune. Not to mention the native lifeforms – such as Sandworms, which can swallow units whole!

Units can be instructed to attack enemy units and may automatically retreat when outnumbered. Harvesters will automatically try to find the closest spice, but can also be told where to mine – they’ll also automatically return to base for unloading when full.

Grow your base, expand your building options as you go (more will unlock at later levels). Preserve your Construction Yard at all costs – you can’t build another one!*
*(unless you have an MCV…)

Good luck!

Hints and tips

  • Improve radar quality by building a Radar Outpost
  • (ensure sufficient power levels are maintained to keep operational)
  • Certain buildings require other buildings to be built before they will be available.
  • Other buildings and units will unlock at the later levels.
  • If you need credits fast, you can send a Harvester back to Refinery early.
  • Some units are only available to certain factions – such as Harkonnen Devastator, Ordos
  • Deviator, Atreides Sonic Tank.
  • Build a Repair Centre and units will try to go directly to them get fixed without you having to tell them.
  • Build base foundations quickly by placing 4×4 Concrete Slabs (when unlocked)
  • Build a Carryall as soon as you can (via Hi-Tech Factory) – as they will pick-up/drop-off units (such as Harvesters and retreating units) MUCH faster.
  • Trikes are fast and inexpensive – use them to scout enemy bases
    (just make sure you’re prepared for a fight once they know where you are!)
  • Sandworms cannot “eat” units if they are on land.
  • Spice Blooms (mounds) can be shot to release payloads of spice.
  • Build an MVC and send it into corner of map + you now have a “backup” Construction Yard, should your only one be destroyed.
  • Target enemy Spice Refinery first, to stop them from earning credits – then go for their Repair Facility and then Unit Factories.

More info and strategy


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