Helium Rain

Build your fleet, trade, explore and conquer!

Helium Rain is an indie strategy game that promises a space simulation with realistic physics that involves managing economic and military aspects of a solar system. It was developed by Deimos Games and initially released on August 18, 2017.

Published by Deimos Games itself and available for Windows and Linux, and currently free, Helium Rain has hundreds of mildly positive reviews on Steam and is rated 3.8/5 on GOG, at least so far.

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About the game

Build your fleet, trade, explore and conquer.

Helium Rain is a single-player space simulation that places you at the helm of a spacefaring company. Trade resources, buy ships and stations to fulfill contracts ! Dock at stations to buy and sell your wares or upgrade your ship, upgrade your technology to be more efficient and militarize your fleet to prevent piracy.

You will need to master both real-time action and long-term strategy: destroying a freighter has a direct impact on the economy, while declaring war will make your spaceflight environment slightly more hostile…

A world that feels real.

Your ships have generators, radiators, weapons, engines, cargo bays or life support systems – they all work together. Every thruster on your ship plays a role. Aim for engines to pin down your enemies, or send them spinning around by destroying power stations. Most ships have more than thirty individual parts ! You can customize the most important parts of your ships – your main engines, attitude control thrusters, weapons and hull colors.

Your competitors are independent factions, companies with the same goal as yours – ruling the system. They will try to undercut you, or even attack you if you become a threat to them. But don’t be too quick to destroy them, as war can break the supply of resources you depend on ! Attacking freighters will destroy resources, with the potential to cause an economic crisis.


  • 13 playable ships with weapon and engine upgrades – Build and fly fleets of fighters, bombers, cargos, corvettes or capital ships. Buy new engines and weapons.
  • Fast-paced combat with Newtonian flight, localized damage and joystick support – There is no speed limit in Helium Rain. You can fly at half a mile a second while aiming backwards. Aim for critical systems in order to disable ships, kill their crew or capture targets, and don’t fly into asteroids.
  • Complex economy model – Take advantage of a complex simulation of space trade to be the most competitive company.
  • A planetary system to explore – Explore around 25 sectors orbiting the gas giant Nema and its moons.
  • Procedural contracts, world exploration, technology upgrades – Pick contracts and build your empire to become the largest company.
  • Quick-action skirmish mode – Setup your fleet, pick an opponent and go into fighting action right away!

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