Jolly Gunner (Too late for Xmas)

Avenge your son for having his Christmas ruined.

Jolly Gunner (Too late for Xmas) is a short independent platform and shooting game with retro graphics and sound effects that are reminiscent of MS-DOS titles from the early 90s. It was developed by Yan’s Productions Games and initially released on January 4, 2024.

Published by Yan himself and made available for Windows, Jolly Gunner takes place right after a ruined Christmas, when a father takes his shotgun and decides to run amok across the majesty of the winter landscape.

This game has simple controls, is completely free to play and will remind you of games from the EGA era, such as those from the Commander Keen or Duke Nukem series. I really liked the graphic and sound styles of this work, in addition, of course, to the pleasant Christmas theme.

You can get the game here!


About the game

You play as Jolly “Gunner” Jonh, who wants to avenge his son for having his Christmas ruined.

This game was made as challenge by the developer, Yan’s Videos as he wanted to know how fast he could deliver a somewhat competent game, using an art style reminiscent of Old EGA DOS Games from the Early 90’s.

In the end, i hope this short albeit fun game can deliver some joy, even if it was too late for Christmas.

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