Robocop vs. Predator

A free PC game that looks like a Game Boy one and is also a tribute to the best decades!

RoboCop vs. Predator is a platform and shooting game where the police officer Alex James Murphy will face a relentless alien hunter and deal with other characters from science fiction and/or fantasy films. It was developed by Oscar Celestini SHOP and initially released on January 3, 2024.

Published by Oscar Celestini SHOP itself and made available for Windows, this free fangame features a very pleasant retro style in sounds and graphics, the latter in pixel art and with color depth typical of a Game Boy game.

You can get the game here!



Robocop is involved in an awesome adventure against Predator, but the terrible alien is not the only problem that he’ll face. More troubles from the future are coming, but some friends also, to fight this final war and save the future of the human race!

About the game

This game is a lovely tribute to the cult movies of 80s and 90s. If you loved them as my team, you’ll like this little gem we made for you.


  • 4 video filters (CRT-ON grey, CRT-ON green, CRT-OFF grey, CRT-OFF green).
  • Original Story.
  • 5 zones, 2 act each.
  • Shooter Bonus stage.
  • 5 bosses.
  • Autosave (if you choose CONTINUE at the main screen you’ll start from the last level reached in the last game.)


  • Joypad or Keyboard (some pads are not compatible with Clickteam fusion, but you can easily config any controller using JoiToKey or similar free apps to configure them)
  • A jump
  • S shot
  • Arrows move/aim
  • ENTER (accept)
  • ESC (quit)
  • P (pause)


  • A game by Oscar Celestini.
  • Story by Simone Granata.
  • Music by Gianluca Pappalardo.
  • Alternate cover artwork by Piero Trabanelli.

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