Escape The Maze (ETM)

Quite inspired by Adventure and other titles from the 80s.

Escape The Maze (ETM) is an independent game that combines action, adventure, puzzles and a very retro style in which the objective is to escape from a maze full of dangers. It was developed by Yan’s Productions and initially released on September 23, 2022.

Published by Yan’s Productions itself, Escape The Maze is available for Windows, Linux and Game Boy (currently demo) and looks a lot like Adventure, an Atari 2600 classic, using a graphical style that refers to this console and other old platforms, like Commodore 64.

You can get the game here!


About the game

This game was very inspired by games like Adventure (1980) and other simple games released in the early 1980s to old computers like the C64 and Atari 8 bit computers.

Credits: Graphics, Programming: Yan Videos (@VideosYan)

Music, Sound Effects and Game’s Intro: Bernachá (@AndreLovesSushi)

Installation instructions

Extract the Rar File to the folder and execute Escape the Maze.exe,

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