Happyland Adventures XMAS Edition

It’s now up to you to help Santa save Christmas!

Happyland Adventures XMAS Edition is an indie, cute and delicious Christmas-themed platform game that is already quite old, but still quite fun. It was developed by Johan Peitz (Free Lunch Design), and initially released in 2000.

It’s a Christmas spin off of the original Happyland Adventures, and also a jump ‘n run combined with original puzzle elements. Here you’ll explore big levels, collect bonus and help Santa bring all his helpers back to home to make the gifts and save this holy day.

You can get the game here!



  • Use the ← and → keys to move left and right.
  • Press to slide.
  • Use X to jump.
  • The Z key talks.
  • Press [F12] to take a screenshot (will be stored as HAPPY???.PCX)
  • Use ESC or Pause to pause or quit the game.

More info & platform


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