Santa Run 3

Hurry, otherwise the kids won't have presents this year!

Santa Run 3 is a quite cool pixel art, retro-styled and Christmas-themed platformer where you need to help the Good ‘Ol Man to get to his toy factory before he runs out of time. It was created by whileworking and released in at the end of 2015.

This game mixes platform and puzzler and is quite fun and challenging. It has some funny moments and is delicious to play it in the Christmas season. Trust me.

Santa Run 3 was originally developed in Flash and stopped working properly embedded in a webpage, but we got it converted to .EXE so it can be played on Windows. Just download and unpack it and double click on Santa Run 3.exe.

You can get the game here!



  • WASD or Arrow Keys – Move and jump
  • Q – Gets back to the title screen
  • ESC – Restart the level (note that the clock won’t be restarted, meaning that you’ll lose time)

More info & platform


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