Design and run factories in a first-person, fully 3D environment.

The sandbox puzzler with aliens Infinifactory is free for Windows in a limited-time Epic Store’s giveaway offer. Go get it! Infinifactory can normally cost US$24.99!

Infinifactory is an independent puzzle sandbox where the player is a human abducted by aliens and is forced to build production lines to create certain products destined for seemingly nefarious purposes. It was developed by Zachtronics and initially released on June 30, 2015.

Published by Zachtronics itself and available for Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4 Windows Apps, Infinifactory was well received by critics, especially during its early access period. Furthermore, it has thousands of extremely positive reviews on Steam and is rated 4.5/5 on GOG, at least so far.

You can get the game here!


About the game

Infinifactory is a sandbox puzzle game by Zachtronics, the creators of SpaceChem and Infiniminer. Build factories that assemble products for your alien overlords, and try not to die in the process.


  • LIKE SPACECHEM… IN 3D! Design and run factories in a first-person, fully 3D environment.
  • HISTOGRAMS ARE BACK! Optimize your solutions, and then optimize them more when you see how much better your friends did.
  • VISIT EXOTIC ALIEN LOCALES! Explore a story-driven campaign with 50+ puzzles, audio logs, and more.
  • BLOCKS THAT MOVE! Go beyond the campaign and push the limits of Infinifactory’s next-generation block engine in the sandbox.
  • STEAM WORKSHOP INTEGRATION! Create, share, and play custom puzzles on Steam Workshop.

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