The Atonement – Prologue

Run and gun through those damn zombies!

The Atonement – Prologue is free shooter where you need to run through a sinister cemetery shooting down the undead and other creepy creatures in order to survive. It was developed by Djordie Ungar in Flash and originally released in 31 October 31, 2006.

Its visuals are reminiscent of the De-Animator, another Flash game, but features different guns and has a faster pace, enabling you to run and gun through those damn zombies.

You can get the game here!



  • Mouse – Aiming and shooting
  • ASD – Walking
  • Space Bar – Jump
  • Space Bar (2x) – Double jump
  • Number Keys – Change weapons


  • Idea, design and coding: Djordie Ungar.
  • Music by Marko Bugarski.
  • Guitar solos by Nenad Karisic.


What we have here is a Windows (.EXE) version of The Atonement Prologue that runs smoothly. Just download iand unpack it in some folder and click twice over the-atonement-prologue.exe to play.



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