A bloody cute 2D DOOM demake.

2DOOM is a 2D demake and tribute to the most famous FPS of all times, Doom, made to be played online, in your browser (HTML5). It was developed by Valryon and released in May 08, 2019.

Despite its cute pixel art, prepare for an intense, violent and bloody platform/run and gun adventure! It’s also quite fun, featuring good controls and being quite challenging.

Disclaimer: this is a non-commercial, unlicensed, fan-made game.

You can play it here!



You’re not the hero. You’re just another Marine lost on Mars in a demoniac invasion. But you know how to use a shotgun and a BFG, you’ve been trained for that.

Re-discover the DOOM universe in this unique tribute and discover a new part of the red planet.

2DOOM was a good way to try GameMaker Studio 2 and was never intended to become a full game, so this is a playable prototype (5-10min) and the final work on the game.


Keyboard (choose binding in menu)

  • Arrows: move
  • X/Z/W/CTRL: shoot
  • C/E/SHIFT: grenade
  • SPACE: jump
  • 1,2,3,4: change weapon


  • Joystick or DPad: move
  • A/Cross: jump
  • X/Square: shoot
  • B/Circle: grenade
  • RB LB/R1 L1: change weapon


  • Damien Mayance (@valryon)
  • Simon Coroller (@pluspixels)
  • The Fun Institue (Laval3di school studio)
    • Quentin Gendre (@Enyo_) – sound designer + musician
    • Hugo Houriez (@HhUrGzO) – 2d artist + dev
    • Benjamin Magnan (@dayster27) – 2d artist + level designer



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