Robot Robert

An indie Contra-styled run and gun action-platformer set in a huge alien world.

The action-platform run and gun shooter Robot Robert made in the style of Contra is being given away, 100% free to keep, for Windows, in an Indiegala offer that should only last for a limited time!

Robot Robert is an indie Contra-styled action-platformer where you will defeat those that stand in your way in 2D battles set in the huge and dangerous alien world that awaits you.

It was developed by Dnovel, published by My Way Games and initially released on Match 9, 2021. Its currently available for Windows.


  • High-tech Robot Robert.
  • Convenient operation.
  • Dangerous opponents.
  • Lasers and traps.
  • Alien creatures.
  • Shoot and destroy all enemies.
  • Complete levels and get achievements.

You can get it here!


Year 3875, scientists discover a habitable planet and send expedition number three, consisting of one highly technological Robot Robert, a flight lasting 557.7 light-years.

With Earth’s signal lost, your goal is to find traces of the first two expeditions and find out what the friendly planet is hiding beneath the surface. Your mission begins in a cave full of riddles, hostile creatures, and dangerous plants.




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