Better Call Saul Kart

It features "Good Graphics" (according to the lead artist).

Better Call Saul Kart is a free indie game where you’ll join Saul Goodman and his friends in this high speed wacky kart racing contest.

Developed by Big Trash Games and initially released on September 30, 2022, this game promises to  be indeed a video game that can be played by humans.

You can get it here!


  • 3 courses to race on.
  • 9 Characters to play as.
  • Items.
  • An unlockable special cutscene if you get 1st place on each course.
  • “Good Graphics” (according to the lead artist).


  • WASD/Arrow Keys – Move
  • Space Bar – Throw Item Forward
  • CTRL – Throw Item Backward




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