Firestone: Online Idle RPG

An idle battler game that places the desire for nonstop action in your hands.

Firestone: Online Idle RPG is an independent, casual, massively multiplayer online and free to play idle game with RPG elements, medieval fantasy themes, PvP arena and other things. It was developed by Holyday Studios and initially released on September 26, 2019.

Published by Holyday Studios itself and available for Windows, Linux and Mac, Firestone: Online Idle RPG has thousands of slightly positive reviews on Steam, at least by the time of this publication.

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About the game

Firestone: Online Idle RPG is an idle battler game that places the desire for nonstop action in your hands: Have your heroes auto-battle fully AFK and enjoy the fantasy combat visuals, or go on an incremental clicker frenzy to beat monstrous bosses! In this clicker game you will collect heroes, upgrade skills and equipment, chat with guild friends or engage in war-machine PVP – the choice is in your hands!

Hero Collection

Build your team roster from wizards, knights, and archers: Discover and unlock new legendary heroes along the adventurous journey, level up skills and levels incrementally, and send them to AFK battle!

Rich Fantasy RPG Story

Explore the Realm of Alandria: From eternal winter of Frostfire to the pirate haven in Tortuga Bay or the tropical Ebony Jungle, your adventures will lead to magic encounters everywhere. Dwarves and orcs, the fairies and even the walking dead will tell about their stories, and there are rumors about dragons! The world of Alandria is vast, so try not to get lost!

Idle RPG game = Non-Stop Auto Battles

Your immortal heroes never sit idle but you can relax in this idle game: Sit back and AFK until you rust while your chibi style paladins, assassins, bowyers and magicians hack and slash through waves of monsters to protect our civilization, or speed up the action by treating battles like a clicker and give those zombie armies a magical bullet hell!

Friendly Multiplayer

Join a guild and make new friends: In Firestone: Online Idle RPG, the power of social gaming leads to helpful buffs for all guild members, increased mission rewards, unlocks raids and expeditions. Or just have a chat with fellow players!

PVP Arena

Assemble your team and fight nonstop at the arena. PVP with others and climb the leaderboards in Firestone: Online Idle RPG to show them who has the best skill! The inscription in the arena says that it’s your destiny to be the best champion and forge an apex legend in this new world!

Deep Progression

Conduct AFK researches and craft powerful runes or upgrades to your heroes’ equipment: Vast incremental bonuses can bring even the mighty bosses down and get you a chance to climb the leaderboards of the hero wars in the Arena of Kings.

And many more features

Events ⭐ Quests ⭐ Talent Trees ⭐ Alchemy ⭐ Mini Card Games ⭐ Achievements ⭐ Avatars ⭐Chat ⭐ Epic boss battles

This game is inspired by classic games like World of Warcraft and Lineage, while it combines elements from newer games like Hero Wars and Clash of Clans. Our approach as gamers is to get every cool feature that we like in other games and enhance it with our creativity in order to form something unique!

Firestone Free Offer

All players who log into Firestone through the Epic Games between Thursday 05/09/2024 at 11AM Eastern and Thursday 05/16/2024 at 11AM Eastern will receive exclusive rewards!

The exclusive rewards include:

  • Gems: 200
  • Common chests: 10
  • Uncommon chests: 5
  • Wooden chests: 10
  • Iron Chests: 5
  • Strange Dust: 360
  • Scrolls: 50
  • Avatars: 2
  • Game Tokens: 35
  • Prestige Token: 5
  • Exclusive skins: 1

This offer is available to all players loggin in through the Epic Games Store, both new and existing. You must install and log into Firestone to receive the rewards.

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