Grow your dragon with strategy, tactics and reflexes...with no pay to win!

DragonOverseer is a competitive strategic turn based RPG where you control and evolve a dragon and no money can change your fate. It was developed by Skill to Win and initially released in 2018.

Besides evolving the dragon, either by training or facing opponents in battles (which can be other players), Dragon Overseer also changes its gameplay at certain points (there’s a time when it’s like a scrolling shooter) and there are many aspects of the dragon to supervise, like stats, skills, etc.

The game presents itself as an “unique, competitive and relaxing turn-based strategic RPG“, guarantees to avoid the “pay to win” scheme and reminded me Heroes of Might and Magic in some screenshots a bit. It also has some Dungeons & Dragons inspiration.

It’s free to play and available for Android.

You can get it here!



  • The online RPG where skill equals power – Strategy, tactics and reflexes all contribute to your dragons growth in this competitive yet relaxing strategic turn-based online RPG.
  • 0% Pay to Win – A competitive strategic turn based RPG where no money can change your fate! All bought content are either cosmetic or for convenience only!
  • 0% Time to Win – Amount of time spent in the game is irrelevant, its all about how well you use your dragons replenished points ( turn based ) to become stronger. this means that with some strategy and tactical ability, you can become number one AND keep your job.
  • 100% Skill to Win – Deep Strategy when building your dragon. Lightning reflexes while training. Tactical Brilliance in planning your battles. Deductive reasoning when evolving your dragon through food combinations. All contribute to crushing your opponents in the PvP Arena!
  • Play only when it suits you without missing out – There are no stressful daily rewards or weekly bonuses, The game respects its players by storing any excess turns till you return, the top player can take a long break and then come back, spend his turns and still get back on top!
  • New players will catch up to the veterans – New dragons get an increased replenishment rate of turns, which lasts till you have caught up. Meaning that, if you play strategically and tactically you can become the master in just a couple of weeks.
  • Explore your own uniquely generated massive world – Because all players worlds are unique down to the hexagon, its up to the player to find their own optimal hunting locations and to uncover the worlds secrets!
  • Unique Genetics – All dragons are created differently, meaning its up to you to figure out how to best feed your dragon.
  • Specialize in 21 D&D inspired attributes – Build your dragon strategically to fit your play-style through increasing 21 stats, all affecting the dragons ability in different aspects of the game.
  • Tactical turn based battles with original game mechanics – Unleash your dragons powers in a turn based tactical battle where both dragons play their turn simultaneously! Use rare skills such as Amaterasu or Wishmaster’s Pact to suit your play style whether that be aggro, control or combo!
  • Unique deck of skills – Dragons start out knowing only what their mother taught them, but by exploring the world and defeating mighty boss dragons in battle by using smart tactics, you can learn their skills by draining their souls, and thereby creating your own unique set of skills.
  • Train your dragon in a classic retro side-scrolling challenge – Fly into the cloud wyverns, your skill determine your score and your score determines how much the dragon learns.
  • Player vs Player arena – In the Arena you challenge other dragons who spent roughly the same amount of turns as you have, making it fair however far you’ve progressed in the game. The player with the best long term game strategy and battle tactics will win, simply as that.
  • Unlock genetic traits – By combining different foods, you can unlock many genetic traits that empowers the dragon and if you can figure out how to recreate the results, you can make the traits even more powerful!
  • Customize your dragons appearance – Personalize your dragon by combining patterns and colors.
  • 4 Elemental affinities – Specify your dragons elemental affinity, choose Fire, Frost, Light or Darkness.
  • Be part of the development – A passionate online RPG community is being built with the first bunch of devoted players that can appreciate my vision and wish to enhance the game by giving feedback and contributing their own ideas.
  • A relaxing turn based RPG to come back to for many years – Do you have any questions about the game, don’t hesitate to visit the game’s Discord channel.



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