Tuk Tuk Extreme Simulator

Different types of Tuk Tuks to drive in unusual weather conditions!

The 3D racing game Tuk Tuk Extreme Simulator is free, for Windows, in a time-limited Indiegala’s giveaway offer. Go get it! Tuk Tuk Extreme Simulator can normally cost US$9.99!

Tuk Tuk Extreme Simulator is an indie 3D racing game where you drive an exotic transport vehicle widely used in countries in South and Southeast Asia. It was developed by Cristian Manolachi (Atomic Fabrik) and initially released on May 2, 2022.

Published by Atomic Fabrik itself and available for Windows, Tuk Tuk Extreme Simulator has dozens of very positive reviews on Steam, at least by the time of this publication.

You can get the game here!


About the game

Have you ever drive a Tuk Tuk at max speed through the mountains and dangerous parts of the road? If not, then enter the world of speed lovers, because the hottest curves are waiting for you.

Pull on your belt and let the adventure begin right now! You will have different missions to go through in a limited time with your Tuk Tuk.

For those who didn’t know what a tuk tuk is, that’s a type of transport with 3 wheels which at first may seem quite difficult to drive.


  • Unusual weather conditions (drought, snow).
  • Different types of Tuk Tuks to choose.
  • Maps with very dangerous roads.
  • 2 camera modes.

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