Beat the evil Nolok by any means necessary, and make the mascot kingdom safe once again!

SuperTuxKart is a 3D open source (and free) arcade kart racer with multiple characters, tracks and modes you can play. It was developed by SuperTuxKart Team and initially released in August 06, 2007.

Published by Windows, macOS, Linux and Android, this indie and casual Mario Kart-inspired vehicular combat game became a hit almost instantly. Nowadays, it’s still has a cult following and gives signs that will continue to receive updates for the foreseeable future.

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About the game

This game was made to more fun than realistic. You can play with up to 8 friends on one PC, race against each other, just try to beat the computer, or network multiplayer is available too.

In Story mode, you must face the evil Nolok, and defeat him in order to make the Mascot Kingdom safe once again! You can race by yourself against the computer, compete in several Grand Prix cups, or try to beat your fastest time in Time Trial mode. You can also race, battle or play soccer with up to eight friends on a single computer, play on a local network or play online with other players all over the world.

Beat the evil Nolok by any means necessary!

Karts. Nitro. Action!



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