Zillion 3D

It's basically a highly challenging anime-themed freeware FPS with 8-bit-like visuals.

Zillion 3D is a standalone and free Wolfenstein 3D mod with characters from the anime Akai Koudan Zillion and pixel art graphics. It was developed by smokingsimon (aka 33Games) and initially released in 2014.

It features twenty levels with four bosses within two episodes, with 10 levels eatch. Health items are now mostly fast food, bonus items are mostly electronics, and enemies alien Nozah or robots with laser guns. One of its central gameplay premises is that enemies are one shot killed, although often coming in swarms.

Zillion 3D is completely for non-profit reasons and can’t be commercialized or sold in any means. It’s totally freeware.

You can get it here!


The Story

The invading Nozah army took over the Maris Space Station 1. The White Knight, an elite group who wield the Zillion gun, was sent to reclaim the station, but only JJ was able to enter. Now he’s inside a death trap full of Nozahs. There’s no coming back, he must murder them all if he ever wants to return to Maris to play Master System and lurk around the girls bathroom.

How to play in windowed mode

  1. Right click on Zillion3D_1.1.exe, then choose ‘Create shortcut’.
  2. Right click the newly created shortcut, then choose ‘Properties’
  3. Find the field ‘Target’ on ‘Shortcut’ tab
  4. At the end of the path, you can add any parameter. To play in windowed mode, add –windowed –res X Y, where X and Y are Width and Height.

Example for resolution 960×600:

"C:Users...Zillion3D_1.1Zillion3D_1.1.exe" --windowed --res 960 600

Obs: add the new parameters after the quotation marks!

How to use cheats

Follow the instructions for windowed mode, then add --goobers at the end of the path. It will look like this:

"C:Users...Zillion3D_1.1Zillion3D_1.1.exe"  --windowed --res 960 600 --goobers

Once in game, press ‘Left_Shift’ + ‘Left_Alt’ + ‘Backspace’ to activate cheats.
Once cheats are activated, press:

[Tab] + G – God Mode
[Tab] + I – Free Items
[Tab] + W – Level Select

More info and FPS


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