Red Laser Z

A challenging retro arcade FPS inspired by Zillion and Wolfenstein 3D.

Red Laser Z is an indie first-person shooter that features graphic and sound styles typical of old games and a science fiction theme. It was developed by 33 Games and initially released on March 31, 2021.

Certainly inspired by the anime Akai Koudan Zillion, the game follows an agent sent to recover a space installation dominated by alien creatures. Another notable feature is a system that penalizes the players every time they miss enemies.

Published by 33 Games itself and available for Windows, Red Laser Z is generally well recommended on Steam, at least so far. From what I could see, this is a neat job.

You can get the free demo here! The full paid game is here.


About the game

Red Laser Z is an accuracy shooter. Your laser can destroy everything with one shot, including enemies, NPCs, and world objects. You are rewarded when you destroy enemies, and penalized when you destroy the rest.

There are 10 handcrafted stages full of secret areas, treasures, and NPCs.

Collect video games to earn money!

Talk to regular NPCs and find Special NPCs to have a more in depth dialogue.

All songs by Ozzed.


Work is calling! Janine Potts, an agent of the state, was given a new mission: Science Station S-33 was occupied by the “ants”, an invasive species of insectoid aliens! As she arrives, Janine is greeted by Axiom 3B, the AI host that controls the station. Intrigue soon arises when Janine hears rumors that an Ant-Queen was kidnapped to be experimented on by the station’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Halinkov. Janine now must navigate the crazy sci-fi environment, eliminating aliens, talking to residents, and finding secret areas to uncover the truth about the alien invasion!


  • Penalty System: Your laser disintegrates everything with one shot. I mean EVERYTHING. (Well, almost.) You can destroy scene objects and NPCs. However, there’s a Penalty System that rewards when you hit enemies and penalizes when you hit everything else. If you get more than 40 Penalty Points, your head explodes and it’s game over, man!
  • Money Combo System: Earn money each time you hit an enemy. Your multiplier increases at each accurate hit, and resets when you miss a shot. Also, earn extra money when you destroy shielded enemies with one shot. It’s easy, just shoot the gaps. =]
  • Clone System: You have only one life. However, you can create up to 5 clones in each stage. Your mind is transported to the clone’s brain when you die. But clones aren’t free! After each death, you need to make a new clone, for a price. I know, capitalism sucks.
  • Secrets and Treasures: Search for hidden areas and collect retro video games to earn more money!
  • Shops: You can buy the usual: Energy and ammo, grenades, a protective vest (that explodes when depleted!), two upgrades for your laser, and redemption for your Penalty Points.
  • Talk to NPCs: You can talk to all NPCs. Also, in every stage you can find one Special NPC, with whom you can have a more in-depth dialogue. (It’s optional, though, you can ignore them if you want. Of course, you’ll miss the story that I wrote so arduously =P)
  • Accuracy: At the end of all stages, you’ll see a screen with statistics. If you’re good enough, you can earn extra money.
  • Story-Driven: The story is full with big themes: artificial intelligence, existentialism, religion, time travel, politics, the importance of having easy access to caffeine, and much more!
  • Moral Decisions: As an agent of the state, your job is to eliminate 100% of the alien invaders. Thing is, some of them might surprise you in more than one way. The gun is in your hand, pulling the trigger is your choice!


Some of the features down below consider the full version:

  • 10 handcrafted stages occupied by aliens.
  • 2-4 hours of gameplay.
  • 3 raycast based weapons.
  • 2 bosses.
  • Grenades/Bombs for area damage.
  • Look around corners move.
  • Campaign Mode that saves your progress.
  • Free Play Mode to jump straight to any stage.
  • Unique pixel art in 3D environment.

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