Super Switch

With the press of a button, you switch into another dimension!

The challenging platform game Super Switch is currently free, 00% free to keep, for Windows, in a time-limited Indiegala’s giveaway offer! Go get it! Super Switch can normally cost US$4.99!

Super Switch is an independent platform game that involves two parallel realities/dimensions, which must be switched to allow climbing the levels. It was developed by David Mulder and initially released on August 25, 2016.

Published by SA Industry and available for Windows, Super Switch has dozens of slightly positive reviews on Steam, at least so far.

You can get the game here!


About the game

Super Switch is a difficult platformer in which you have to actively switch between 2 dimensions. It’s tougher than iron and extremely rewarding.

With the press of a button, you switch into another dimension, with it’s own platform and traps. Your job is to decide when to switch in order to avoid traps and land on platforms.

* A Xbox 360 controller for PC or similar device is highly recommended. While this game has been tested and confirmed to be possible with a keyboard, some might find it frustrating.

* To change controls or resolution, hold Shift when launching the game.

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