Lifeless Horizon

A low poly survival zombie apocalypse game.

The zombie apocalypse survival game Lifeless Horizon is free, for Windows, 100% free to keep, in a limited time’s giveaway offer! Go get it, since Lifeless Horizon can normally cost US$20.00!

Lifeless Horizon is an independent horror adventure and first-person shooter where the goal is to survive in a low-polygon world totally dominated by the undead. It was developed by 10n Studio and initially released on August 7, 2023.

Published by 10n Studio itself and available for Windows and Mac, Lifeless Horizon offers survival (for short matches) and story modes (under development) and features pleasant graphics, dark environment, lots of action and consistency in general.

You can get it here!


About the game

In this intense and thrilling zombie survival game, players must use their wits and quick reflexes to stay alive in a world overrun by the undead.

With limited resources and endless hordes of zombies, players must scavenge for supplies, build their defenses, and work together with other survivors to stay alive. But beware, as danger lurks around every corner and any misstep can mean certain death. Will you be able to survive the zombie apocalypse?

Only the bravest and smartest will make it out alive. Get ready to take on the undead in this heart-pumping, action-packed game in this summer.



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