AVA: Dark History

The heroine needs to find answers traveling under the surface of the planet in abandoned and dangerous tunnels!

The dark indie platformer AVA: Dark History is currently free, for Windows, 100% free to keep, on a limited-time Indiegala offer. Get it now, because AVA: Dark History can normally cost US$3.99!

AVA: Dark History is an indie and physics-based platform game presented as “mysterious, dark as night, hard as a saw”. It was developed by Dnovel and originally released in February 17, 2020.

Published by My Way Games and available for Windows, AVA: Dark History has dozens of positive reviews on the Steam store, at least so far.

You can get it here!


About this game

The events of the game happening again in the world “Koutei”. Where the adventures of the heroine AVA unfolded. You will be together with the Main character to continue the journey in a dangerous world.

This is a planet with a diameter 4.5 times larger than our Earth, but its mass is smaller. On the surface there is almost no atmosphere, but under the surface it is all pitted caves, leaving many thousands of kilometers down and all the air and all life are here. This is truly a planet of caves. It is rumored that a thousand years ago a highly developed civilization flourished here, ancient caves still store many strange objects and mechanisms left by it. But now everything is different, something happened to those ancient forerunners and now this mysterious world is divided in two: upper and lower. In the upper live intelligent beings, perhaps, descendants of an ancient people, here well governing and well. But at the bottom everything is different, there are terrible creatures, bloodthirsty predators who do not know mercy, for whom nothing is more hateful than the inhabitants of the upper world! No inhabitant of the upper world will ever willingly descend to the lower world.

However, the heroine needs to find answers traveling under the surface of the planet in abandoned and dangerous tunnels!


  • Mysteries, secrets and adventures.
  • The atmosphere of a gloomy dungeon.
  • Original black and white world game.
  • Various puzzles with switches and levers.
  • Doors, keys and physics.



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