Wreck the Fed

The gold standard of video games.

Wreck the Fed is an indie top-down bullet hell shooter with pixel art graphics where the goal is to destroy the fiat system to end inflation the efficient way. It was developed by Jonathan Gray and initially released on August 23, 2021.

Published by TMA-Games and made available for Windows (and maybe Mac in the future), Wreck the Fed has an evidently humorous footprint, a Vampire Survivors-like gameplay and, at least so far, mostly positive reviews on Steam.

You can get the game here!


About the game

The GOLD STANDARD of Video Games

Fight inflation the right way: by destroying the tools the Federal Reserve uses to manipulate the money supply! Play as libertarian luminaries such as Tom Woods, Michael Malice, Ron Paul, Dave Smith, or Murray Rothbard in your quest to destroy fiat currency and get the high score in this tricky bullet hell shoot-em-up!

Loosely based on a passing reference the Dangerous Documentaries video “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Real American Heroes”:


  • Slide through waves of fiat enemies with inflation-causing fractional reserve guns.
  • Unleash unique overpowered abilities.
  • Unlock fun new looks for all characters.
  • Absolutely Free Forever!
  • Arm yourself with special guns: The Golden Gun; Golden Deagle; Golden Uzi; Golden AK-47 e Golden Barrett M82 .50 cal.

Unleash unique overpowered abilities

  • Tom Woods: 3×5 Index Card.
  • Michael Malice: Spite Fund.
  • Ron Paul: Revolution.
  • Dave Smith: Legion of Skanks.
  • Murray Rothbard: Human Action.



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