The Family Treasure

Help Captain Bloodhook Flamebeard find his old family treasure in this pirate themed adventure game.

The Family Treasure is a funny and relatively short indie adventure by Buloght that presents a pleasant and nostalgic retro style reminiscent of the classics of the genre from LucasArts and Sierra.

Released in 2006, this freeware has pixel art graphics, pirates a plot that centers around a family treasure and a few, but tough puzzlers for the player to sort out. It was also a MAGS favourite of the year in 2006.

You can get it here!


Help Captain Bloodhook Flamebeard find his old family treasure. Forty years of search have brought him close to its hiding place, but his crew abandoned him as they grow tired of this hopeless quest. But Bloodhook is not alone as some others also seek the family treasure.


The graphics have a distinct cartoonish style that really works for the genre and the story. The palette is minimal but effective, and the animations are well done.


The sound effects design here is simple if not almost non-existent. The music tracks are ripped from other games so the sound design gets a low score in that regard, even though the tracks used are fitting.


This is a fairly short game, with only a handful of puzzles. The puzzles are challenging though, so this game should keep you occupied and give you at least a good two to three hour playtime.



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