StarFight VI: Gatekeepers

Call it the Finland's Daikatana if you will, but you can't deny that this is a freeware game like no other.

StarFight VI: Gatekeepers is a game that presents itself as a first-rate freeware adventure, a space exploration, negotiation and 2D combat game with an epic storyline. It was developed by JP-Production and released around the year 2000.

The game tells a story of a man named Simon Miller, a man whose once bright future as a starship captain was wrongfully taken away in order to cover for the incompetence of his superiors. Now as a working captain of a cargo vessel, deeply in debt and in love with alcohol, he’s about to embark to an adventure of lifetime.

This is an incredible spaceflight adventure that saw over 15 months in development. At least back then, it was ranked as one of the largest freeware games ever made despite some cheesy names and cartoon characters.

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The plot, which continues from previous games in the series, casts you as Simon Miller, captain of container transport named — err– MicroSpace Iron Curtain (no, I’m not making this up). You are employed by ANB, a galactic organization which is embroiled in a bitter battle against the Order of Light, another giant organization led by former ANB leader James Egg (I’m also not making this up). The time is January 2263. 1800 hours on this seemingly usual day, container transport CTR MicroSpace Iron Curtain left Mars orbital processing; destination: dilithium loading station orbiting Hell’s Gate III. Little do you and your crew realize that they are about to enter into an adventure of a lifetime…


Starfight VI is an unusual but incredibly compelling indie sci-fi game that mixes the space combat of Freelancer and Wing Commander with first person adventuring and action to great effect.

Gameplay of StarFight VI consists of three integral parts: problem solving, combat and space exploration. In order to beat the game, you’ll need sharp wits as well as an itchy trigger finger.

Missions are intended to be completely free, with the player able to decide what approach to take, with careful consideration of their resources a necessity. The exploration aspects are fairly straightforward and open up the story’s background and characters, providing insight into what really goes on inside a spaceship, and include text-based elements in the style of old text adventures.

There is a complete freedom of movement in SF6, no missions are restricted to a small, confined region of space. This freedom often gives several different tactical options of approach to hazardous situation, but it also forces player to consider his actions much more carefully and relate them to available resources.



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