Cobra Kai

A retro, pixel art game inspired on the Karate kid franchise!

Cobra Kai is a free fan fighting game based upon the hit TV series of the same name and the original movies that gave birth to it, Karate Kid. It has both beat’ em up and competitive fighting sections.

Developed on OpenBOR, this is a creation of Thatcher Productions that was released in early access on February 5, 2022.

About the game

From the creator of the hit indie game Bad ass babes comes this retro, pixel art fan game adventure based upon the hit Netflix show Cobra Kai and the Karate kid movies.

The public version of game has 5 action packed levels focusing on the events of Karate Kid 1, leading to a finale against Kreese.

The full extended game is available on Patreon and is in active development (with over 10 levels so far continuing the story into the Cobra Kai era and features a variety of additional moves, characters, enemies features and bonus tournament mode).

You can get it here!




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