Boots Quest DX

An offbeat adventure about finding the best boots in the world

The short and casual fantasy adventure Boots Quest DX is free, for Windows and Mac, 100% free to keep, in a limited time Indiegala’s giveaway offer! Go and get it, as Boots Quest DX can normally cost US$ 10.00!

Boots Quest DX is a short, casual, independent adventure where the player has to find some boots in the confines of a colorful fantasy world. It was developed by Harisson Lemke (Discount Realms) and released on November 25, 2022.

Published by Discount Realms itself and available for Windows and Mac, Boots Quest DX has positive reviews on the Steam store, at least so far.

You can get it here!


About the game

BOOTS QUEST is a low-key, offbeat adventure about traveling to the ends of the earth in search of the Best Boots. Guide a hapless young boot enthusiast through a compact open world full of gremlins, dragons, seagulls, wizards, and weird folks of all sorts. Solve puzzles! Collect items! Help out the locals with their problems! Don an increasingly confusing selection of headwear! Explore caves, tropical islands, snowy wastes, and strange realms of the mind that defy comprehension! There’s a jump button! You might even learn a little something about what life is all about… fine footwear.

BOOTS QUEST is a fairly short game for players who just want to enjoy the story (~2-3 hours), but for players who want to complete all the quests and track down all the secrets, it could take a lot longer. True bootheads should be sure to stick around for New Game+ mode…


  • Many Puzzles, Mysteries, and Quests.
  • Persons to encounter in frank Exchange of Ideas.
  • There is Jumping.
  • A vast Haberdashery (20+ Hats) from which to choose Suitable Adornment.
  • The heart-pounding Purchase of Goods.
  • Diurnal and Nocturnal Environs both.
  • Up to a few Hours’ Divertment, as may best suit your Pleasure.
  • Controller support.


  • Art, programming, and sound design by Harrison Lemke.
  • Music by Dragon Warrior (Harrison Lemke, Jared Evans) with guest appearances by Jay Tholen and Maddy Webbon.
  • Additional sound effects by Troy Andrews .
  • Fonts from



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